Can't play Rust since last patch


As title says, I can’t play Rust since the last (yesterday’s) patch.

The issue being that whenever I log in, select a server, enter that server; at the exact moment that it finishes loading all assets and receiving game data (yes right when you’re prompted “press any key to wake up”) my WHOLE internet crashes. TeamSpeak lags, browser lags. It. Just. Dies.

I haven’t changed anything about my specs or internet prior, or post, to patch, I have tried several servers and I have googled about this issue but to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

what are your specs on your PC and internet speed

I can’t see how this is relevant given the fact that, as stated in the first post, I have never had any issues with the game whatsoever. Not to mention it apparently kills my whole internet connection, not just in game.

Nevertheless, my internet is like 6-10mb download speed and as for the specs:


cpu: 8core i7-4270HQ 2.60GHz
16gb ram

gpu: gforce gtx 970M

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And apparently I’m not the only one with this problem,

from reddit:

Im having the same problem. I keep timing out. And there is no way it should lag my computer the way it does. CPU specs: AMD Fx 6300 at 4ghz
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb
GPU: EVGA GTX 950 SC+ overclocked at 1500mhz 2Gb of GDDR5
HDD: 500Gb WD Performance Drive
I get anywhere from 80mbps to 180mbps Downspeed. I do not under stand why i keep timing out. its really upsetting me.

Ahhh fucking GeForce cards. Both of you try to play the game. In game f1 and see what gpu rust is using.

I cant even connect to a game. I time out in loading

raz m8 it has nothing to do with the gpu, the game is running on the right gpu and fps is not an issue.

new info; i tried playing on someone else’s internet and it works without a problem… How can the game suddenly stop working with a specific internet from before to post patch?


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Router could need to be replaced

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I’m to tired to think. Give me a day

Similar problem, have isolated it to a packet loss issue with the ISP censorship software through routing. Fix is a new ISP at the moment, I’ll let you know if I turn anything else up, I’ve been having this problem for four or five weeks now and cant play. For some reason Rust is triggering what ever censorship software they have, or there is a leak due to the specific ISP. speed connect user

same problem here, can’t play all day on rust, any game is good. please address this or smth… oh god,

Good info, thanks for that.

Pretty lame though…

Whatever it is, it’s with your router. That’s on your end. Try calling whatever services you use and asking

Explain though, how it is not a problem at 11:00pm and in the same ducking day I log back in at 21:00pm and it’s suddenly a problem. This without changing either modem or pc (yeah, after the latest patch)

Idk but it’s your router. Good luck

No idea what you even do on this forum, every single post you do has no bases to it whatsoever on any thread, on top of not being helpful.

I’d appreciate it if you’d stop posting on my or any posts regarding this matter, thanks.