Cant play Rust.

Hi Guys.

If i start Rust via Steam i can play a few minutes like 3 or 4 without any problems. After this short minutes theres a short lag and i cant do anything anymore. Like killing animals, plant foundations or getting wood or stone. Its like the Server is randomly disconnecting me or something. If i start rust new i stand like 200 meter or so away from my last log out position. Its rly like i was disconnected from server without beeing kicked.

I already tried to fix it with remaiking my pc but it didnt resolve the issue. Pls help me… I want to play this game.

And dont post anything like stop cheating like on the other forums. I was never cheating and i will never cheat.

Definitely sounds like you are losing connection to the server.

Are you playing on the EU servers, and is your internet connection of good quality?

Yea im playing on Eu German server with 16000 DSL LAN connection.

Give this a try:

Does it say there is any packet loss?

And how many ms in jitter?

At the moment we have a bit of a soft release and there are going to be a whole host of problems. Give the dev’s a bit of time and things will be, hopefully, working a lot better.

Have you tried other servers at all just to see if they work better for you?

For Brandy: Packet lost-0 Latency- 56.123 Jitter-9ms

For OndieJ: I tried to play on other server too like on the PvE server or US 1 and 2 but the same problem.

im also having the same problems on my laptop but i can run it but its super laggy & i cant run anything on my desktop which makes no scene
OK lol so its not just me then,
i cant even login to a server at all tho,
and all i see is server names but there all numbers!

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BRANDY92 mine is
Average latency :119.327ms
im new to PC is this good or bad?

Those stats seem fine, maybe it’s the particular server you’re on.

on which server are u playing ?

I can’t play on East Coast II