Can't Play The Game!

Please Help. I will load up rust on steam and press play. When I try to join a server, the server get like a grayish highlight and wont do anything. I have even tried opening up the console and doing net.connect (Server IP) and when it’s loading, it brings me back to menu and says Can’t Connect. Please tell me what to do to make thi game work! I have just bought this game yesterday looking forward to playing it. Now I can’t play it at all! Also, my Computer is a Windows 7

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Have you:
-Verified game files on steam?
-Re-installed game via Steam?
-Checked if your AV/Firewall is blocking outgoing connections?
-Rebooted your computer?

I don’t know how to verify game files on steam, I have re-installed it, I don’t know how to check if my firewall is blocking it, and I have tried rebooting my pc

Specs please? Specs are always relevant. Regarding connectivity, have you tried connecting to multiple different servers to the same result?

Yea Ive tried to join ALOT of servers NONE of em work

PC Specs

  • Operating System?
  • CPU?
  • Graphics Card?
  • Memory?

Description of Bug

  • What happens?
  • When does it happen?
  • Is it recurring?
  • If so, what do you need to do to replicate the bug?
  • Does it give any noticeable crash messages, errors, or logs?

Attempts to Fix

  • Switch Servers (check ping)?
  • Restart game?
  • Restart Steam (Exit Completely)?
  • Close other programs before starting game?
  • Verify Integrity of Steam Cache?
  • Reinstall game?
  • Restart computer?
  • Updated drivers?

Related Searches

  • Have you searched the issue online yet?
  • If so, what did you find? What have you tried?