Cant play

i bought the game rust a while ago and i can not play it. the first problem was it would keep getting stuck on the loading i looked on YouTube to solve the problem and download something that he suggested but now every time i try get on the game it crashes or doesn’t respond and i really want to play the game.

if anyone could help it would be nice, if nothing can fix it ill have to get my money back.

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it is now just stopping on bootstrapping and crashing

I had the same issue. 1st that file you DL’ed is not going to work. The issue is with your internet or a program on your PC that is blocking Rust.

delete Rust and redownload. Then try to play
If that doesn’t work, switch over to the dev branch. You should be able to get into one of the Official servers.
If that works, then switch back to the main branch and try again.
If that doesn’t work, Check Windows Firewall and see if Rust has an Exception in there, if not make one.
If that doesn’t help, Turn off any Anti Virus or Spyware programs you have running and try that.
Next, check your routers firewall and Forward the ports that Rust uses. I do not have those, but someone here on the forums should.

Those should open it up for you. If that doesn’t help, then you might have a ISP provider issue. I had to call ATT and have them do a check on the lines. Come to find out my upload speed had somehow been throttled where Rust didn’t get the requests to load the game. So it hung at the Loading screen all the time.