Can't post comments on

I can’t, don’t know why. I couldn’t even when I joined. I haven’t been banned on steam nor So is there like a limit of time my account has to be active, number of downloads, or something or is it just a glitch that I need fixing.

In what way? Is there no ‘post as…’ button? Does nothing happen when you click to send a comment?

Theres no button at all
The text box appears “Stretched” and theres no post button.
I think it may be a screen error, but it may also be something else

What browser do you use?

Internet Explorer 9 – Windows Vista

Yeah, source is messed up on Vista.

Lip Synch Doesnt work. Hammer crashes a lot. Same with most others. But im pretty sure that has nothing to do with

Get a different browser if you can. The DISQUS comment system has problems with Internet Explorer.

Disqus (the comments system) has problem with IE. Use a browser such ad Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox, or comment from the steam overlay browser.

:ninja: ninja’d!

OR! your banned from commenting.