Cant purchese garrys mod.

Ok so when I try to buy gmod and hl2 ep 1 & 2 I cant put in the experation date for my credit card. Also theres a bunch of steam crap on my desktop that I cant delete so that may be part of the problem. Can someone PLEASE help me?

  1. Why can’t you put in the expiration date of your credit card?
  2. What steam crap on your desktop?

Don’t expect us to help you with such little information.

When you press the little arrow that it supposed to bring down the menu it doesnt bring it down. By steam crap I mean like user date, bin, public, graphic, config, logs ect.

Try a different browser for the purchase.

sooo do it in a internet window?

Nobody can purchese garrysmod. Purchase, that’s another case.

woW arent you witty

Here we go…

Did you seriously install Steam to your desktop?

I have the shortcut to steam on my desktop. For awhile I was trying to fix my hammer and I think I deleated something I wasnt suppose to. Is there anyway to get rid of it?

Is that even possible?






He is saying that you’re 12 years old.

Im sorry if this is a stupid question but what does he mean by Purchase in a different browser?

He means that for some reason he thinks people buy steam games on their web browser instead of using the steam client.

O.K well is there anyway to delete the steam stuff on my desktop? when I try to delete it it says “you need permission to perform this action.” What should I do?

Upgrade your windows account to administrator. If you are unable to do this, ask your parents to temporarily make you administrator so that you can fix it. (I’m not making fun of you)

ok thanks.