Can't put downloaded stuff in Garry's Mod folder?

Please help me I downloaded now something by but when I got to Program files/Steam/Steamapps/Sourcemod I don’t see my Steam username like they describe? Can you please tell me how to let it work so that I can put stuff into my Garrys mod folder. Thank you for having time to help me. :wink:

Isn’t it Program files/Steam/steamapps/<account>/?

Yes it is I don’t see my account name thing.

I had the same problem along time ago I think i just Verified my game Cache. Try it out.

Valid steam link?

He is valid.
FYI, put 76561198043061579 in that steam field.
Surely Garry didn’t make it idiot proof.

RyanH I just did it, it still didn’t work I also reinstalled the game too. I wish it will work I want to get Wire mod. If it wont this is what I will do :suicide: