Can't register for the developer preview

Hello, everyone. I’ve got a problem when logging in my steam account for joining the preview. The site which I tried to log on said that my account doesn’t have the garry’s mod game. I have it but not installed. Does game need to be installed? Will be thankful for any help!

Do you actually own it or do you have it via family sharing?

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I have it via family sharing. I guess, that’s the problem.

Id guess it needs to be downloaded and installed on your steam account/pc

Unfortunately, I’ve downloaded the game but the problem still exists. Honestly, that account with original garry’s mod copy is also mine but I have a small workshop level, so I can’t register from there.

you have to apply with your account that own gmod


I have already done this but the site says that my workshop level is too low. That’s the reason why I can’t log in via account that owns the game.

It seems to be the only solution. Well, it’s a pity but thank you all for your help!

I think you need to own Garry’s Mod in your account. Family sharing won’t work


Yea, thanks. I’ve already figured it out.