Can't remember name of an old map

I really would like to find and download it- from what I can remember, its a very scenic map, with a church or cathedral type building. Inside there is hdr and sun glare around the windows and what not, and if I recall correctly it really takes advantage of the dust particles floating around. Does anyone remember the name? I searched church, cathedral, etc etc etc but can not find it. I think that it was originally for CS:S.

Sure it’s not the lost coast map?

That’s what I’m thinking. Only other church map I can think of was for Zombie Panic:Source

Nope, not HL2:LC… although now that you mention it, it looks somewhat about the same inside and is about the same size.

Also, I believe there were a bunch of bushes and what not outside as well.

There is a ton of stuff outside the lc map too…

This map didn’t have anything outside the yard surrounding the church, so it was just the property the church was on and the church itself.

It had a strange name from what I recall, but no idea what the actual name is. TONS of people used to pose stuff on it for stuff in the screenshot section around 2007-2008.