Cant remember the name of an old comic series.

There was a longish running comic series that was out a couple years ago. The story followed some guy that moved to city 17, it talked about his day to day jobs and whatnot, there was some stuff that happened involving Gordon Freemans HEV suit getting delivered to Kleiner and I remember some stuff happening where the guy had to run off during the resistance uprising. Does anyone remember what this is from my incredibly detailed description?


It was similar but wasnt as outright humorous. There were like 10 entries when I stopped reading it. Was wondering if any more were added.

It sounds like you’re describing Apostasy, one of the most famous and iconic Garry’s Mod comics ever made. Although it was out more than a couple years ago; Brashfink released the first issue in 2005.

See if this rings a bell:

For future reference, maybe best to post questions like this in the comic discussion thread.

Ok thanks, thats it. Apostasy.