Can't remove Chat Tags?

Recently I got CustomCommands from CoderHire for my server and I can’t seem to remove the chattags. It’s kind of annoying considering it removed the OOC and ADVERT Tags, and so I want to remove them without having to remove everything else.

I didn’t know where else to put this, so I decided to put it here.

Any Help?

What game-mode? If it is for DarkRP, please check the link below for DarkRP questions.

Look for OnPlayerChat in the code, that is one of the typical sports for chat-tags on players. If it is a custom chat-box then we’d need to know what you’re running…

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Anywhere specific? I’m kind of new to coding…Ish. But I can’t seem to find it.

If you use Notepad++ you can search your entire game-mode directory using these search options:

If you’re not using it, I highly recommend it. Here’s a few upgrades for it too ( Syntaxhighlighting, modified right click menu, macros, etc ):

Well, it really isn’t MY Server, but since I spend most time and develop it, I consider me being the owner. So does the original owner. I use FTP (FileZilla) Is there a way to find it with that?

It wouldn’t take long to download the Lua files. I’m not sure how you’d scan the files because they’d need to be local to search, or you’d need remote desktop to search straight from the server… this script?

It literally tells you…

Look in the customcommands addon folder, it’s in one of the folders under ulx.

So, I just broke OOC? Okay. I remove the entire folder? I removed cc_chattags.lua folder and it’s still here.

All you have to do is remove cc_chattags.lua and it will stop the chattags.

Restart after you remove it.

If it doesn’t “stop” happening, make sure you didn’t also copy it into the actual ulx addon itself, or have another addon that tries to do it.

You didn’t break OOC, just cobalt’s chattags don’t give an option of it using prefixText, which is what adds OOC/Advert/Broadcast tags to things.