Can't Remove Green Crosshair.

Okay, so I made a Swep from a Desert eagle skin and I can’t figure out how to remove the original crosshair.

this should do the trick

SWEP.Drawcrosshair = false

Nope, I already had that in there. It only removes the HL2 crosshair.

EDIT: That screenshot is with that code in the lua file.

Do you want this?

 Player:CrosshairDisable( )

You need to override DrawHUD for the swep. In a shared/cl_init file add this…

[lua]SWEP.DrawHUD = function( ) end[/lua]

Don’t use (any) the css base.

Go into console and make the alpha color of the crosshairs to 0. I’m not sure on the exact command but I believe it’s… cl_crosshair 0,0,0,0

Would it be possible to make it put that in the console as soon as I equip the swep?

hook.Add(“HUDShouldDraw”, “Crosshair”, function(name)
if( name == “CHudCrosshair” ) then
return false