Can't remove items from pointshop (gmod deathrun server)

I have two addons on my server (now deleted) which are stuck in the server with no means of removing them…



I tried to delete them completely, but they still show up on my server’s pointshop, but nowhere whatsoever on the HDD or SSD.

Anyone know where I could possibly find a fix for this?

How did you delete them? Just deleted the .gma files? This won’t work since the server will redownload it. Also you need to search for the “506283460” numbers, IF you have them installed throgh Steam Workshop.
More Info please :smiley:
How did you install them? Did you made changes in Pointshop itself? etc. etc.

Ok so I might have been a bit slow with that. I forgot to Remove the folders including the ID of the addons lmao, thanks!