Can't remove NPC spawn points on HL2 SP map

Hello, i have a problem with a project I’m trying to make, the map I’m using is a HL2 SP Campaign map which i believe is called d2_coast_12 or if that doesn’t help its a beach with several bunkers and fortifications.

I was about to test a scenario i created but when i turned on the AI antlions emerged from the ground and started killing all of the npc’s i had spawned. i just wanted to know if there was a way to delete the antlion spawning points and continue with my project or if I’m completely and utterly fucked. If anyone knows how to or if you can delete the spawn points i’d really appreciate the help and btw if i am fucked can anyone suggest or recommend a map suitable for a beach assault WWII map?

Thanks for the help in advance guys! :slight_smile:

Theres few good beach assault maps on

yeah i know i’ve looked but is their a command to delete the antlion spawn points? That was what i was asking but thanks for the post at least.

If anyone else knows how to delete map npc spawn points and if thats not possible or nobody knows how to do that can someone at least recommend a specific beach map and include the link to it that would be great thx.