Can't remove stuff that is spawned with Wire

Ok so, i got this really huge problem on my server, whenever i, or anotherplayer spawns something in wire, like a button.

You can´t remove it, it´s like it dosen´t exist, but you can see it on the server…

Hope someone cna help me! thx!

Is your wire fully up to date? Are you useing the svn or is it a version from

well, it was some time since i downloaded it yes, and no, i don´t use the SVN version

You might want to get the svn version, as it will always be up to date and whatnot.

yee but…

  1. i HATE SVN (don´t ask why)

  2. can´t i just download some wire that WORKS, how damn hard could it be?

1: Start liking it. :slight_smile:
2: It’s extremely simple: