Can't rotate props & annoying console spam.

As of a few days ago, I’m no longer able to rotate props on the Z axis with the physgun.

Spawned prop:

I can rotate it forward/back:

But not on the Z axis (left/right):

I’ve tried reinstalling Gmod and removing all addons, and even redownloading the GCF from Steam, but I still have the problem. Any ideas?

I also get this annoying console spam over and over about:

Material models/spawn_effect2 does not support vertex format used by the mesh (maybe missing fields or mismatched vertex compression?), mesh will not be rendered. Grab a programmer!

Which I assume is because the VMT was made incorrectly, but can’t exactly fix it because it’s in the GCF.

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Wow, I found the problem. Apparently enabling the joystick in options causes the physgun to fail.