Cant rotate props left/right

sorry for my bad english, im german.
My problem is that i can only rotate thing up and down, not to the left or right.
Thats really annoying for a builder like me :frowning:

Also i cant roate things with (easy) precision! After i clicked the position where to move the prop i cant rotate it, i cant look around then until i click (as normal).

Normally everything works, i can look left / right, i can steer helicopters and planes with wac aircraft with my mouse perfectly, too.

I already tryed to turn on/off the raw mouse data option but it didnt help.
Please help me!



(Is it allowed to push? I really need help :frowning: )

Problem still isnt solved.


P.s. If no one has answered by now… no one knows.

But how is it possible that i am the only one with this problem?

Fuck yea, solved the problem.

For some reason the “use gamepad” option was enabled.