Can't rotate props with E+physgun

Something is wrong with my SRCDS server, because it works fine in singleplayer.
When I hold a prop with the physgun, push E, and move my mouse, it doesn’t rotate around like it should. It just stays the same.
Do I have a setting messed up?

Also, what is the bind/command when you hold a prop and push a key, it makes the prop perfectly 90 degrees or 45 degrees etc. depending on how you move your mouse?

The only addons I have are ASSmod, PHX3, wiremod, and smartsnap
It’s not ASSmod or wiremod because I removed them and the problem still exists.

Please help.

I can give you info to my server if you wish to help.


e has to be bound to use to make it rotate. sprint (or speed whatever it is) command + use command = snap rotation. you can change it with gm_snapdegrees I think.

I just put in a proper Gmod config instead of using a CS:S one.