Can't rotate stone ceiling anymore!

It seem devs have remove the ability to rotate some of the structure components. I don’t understand why they did remove such a nice feature on some block. It is true that when walking on a stone ceiling (floor) there is no need to rotate it because of the tile pattern. But ceiling are nor only floor they are also CEILING and the ceiling texture is still directional wood on stone structure. And now we can’t rotate our stone ceiling so it’s back to looking like crap. Plz bring back the ability to rotate stone ceiling!

I’ll have to look myself but I know that rotating the triangle is way broken.

Being anal retentive and liking straight clean lines, this annoys the hell out of me. Please for fucks sake fix this in the next update. If I can set it, LET ME ROTATE IT!

disable rotate for stairs makes sense, but i can’t see any way to abuse rotation of other blocks (if the triangle floor is fixed;))