Can't run hammer with latest SDK update

The only game I’ve gotten to properly use hammer in is only half-life 2. I notice most the tutorials say use the orange box setting. However, that isn’t an option since it’s split into SDK versions from 3 different years.

I had just assumed the earliest year would be the most similar to OB. When I load it up, I get a display like:

I’ve found some posts and videos on this, however the responses from most the people didn’t know, or their suggestions didn’t work. Does anybody else have this problem?

Ep2 uses Source engine 2007, ignore it if its in Source engine 2009.

ep2 should disappear under 2009 and be put under 2007 if you press the “Reset Game Configurations” button on the SDK menu.

It did this with me when I had Source SDK copy over the original contents, to ‘fix’ it. Now all my game configs work. :buddy:

Well, according to Steam I don’t have any source 2007 games. When I try to launch the configuration manager nothing happens. If I try to do it manually it resets the configuration to nothing.

Also, Refresh SDK content does nothing.

Do you own an orange box game?

Did you reset the game configurations?

Yea, I think it may have been a my bad actually. I moved my steam folder and the SDK is still trying to find the configurations in the old folder. I’m re-downloading the SDK now.


Refresh doe’s do something, it refresh’s the SDK :smug:

A lot of people had/have a similar problem. It stopped working for me for a couple of weeks (might still not work for every engine), even after resetting the configurations etc.

I did Reset and Refresh and my episode 2 still does not work in 2007 and i still have it in 2009.

I ignored the problem and mapped anyways :v: