Can't run Linux server due to GLIBC 2.7

I haven’t run a server in a couple of months, but I wanted to host one today to check out the new update but I’ve run into a huge problem: The Linux server has been compiled with GLIBC 2.7 instead of (the much more supported) 2.5 again.
My server is running CentOS 5.3 and upgrading/changing distros isn’t an option. I could host servers before, it seems like this had just happened recently. (Maybe even just from this last big update?)
If anyone could help me get a working to put in my orangebox folder that would be nice, the alternative is to get the Linux servers compiled with GLIBC 2.5 again but I don’t know how likely that is.

Should this be in the Support?

In order to run GMod with an older CentOS version you’ll need to patch the “libc” string inside to whatever, I have it patched to “test”. Then you need to put the latest glibc library in the /lib/ folder, named /lib/ That’s how I got it to work.

Thanks GranPC, this should work. How are you changing the path to libc in your, just by opening it with nano? I’ve tried that but I don’t think I’m doing it right.

I’d really recommend switching to Ubuntu since it has the latest version of the library, since using the old file is bound to break eventually

perl -pi -e ‘s/libc/test/g’

Wish I could upgrade, at least to the latest version of CentOS (6, which I’m pretty sure has at least a newer version of GLIBC) but that’s not really an option with my setup right now.

Thanks so much GranPC! That worked like a charm.

Cheers, I have the exact problem you have - CentOS 5.6 and I’d need CentOS 6 to continue running my server.

Well yeah, centos 6 is using glibc 2.8 so gmod server would run fine on it. You can’t update centos 5 glibc because its centos 5 core if you would it will crash your os then.
Well man i had same problem, i tried to use that other ver but it didnt work well, there was some problems later on… What i did was that i got rid off Centos and installed myself an Debian 6 which is working very well so my server runs on debian now.