Can't run my own Gamemode

Ok hi,
About an hour ago I made a very ‘Generic’ gamemode that I plan on improving…
The problem is to test the spawning system and teams systems I made I have to run it in Garry’s mod…
I open Garry’s mod and hit the ‘Single player’ button, goto the options , click the drop-down gamemode button and… WTF? Where is it?.. :sigh:

Please can you tell me how to find what the problem is and how to fix it

  1. If your gamemode in your gamemodes folder?
  2. Does your gamemode have an info.txt file in it’s root directory?

If you have it all set up right, your info.txt should look like this:

	"name"			"game name"
	"version"		"1.0"
	"author_name"	"you"
	"author_email"	""
	"author_url"	""
	"info"			""

Thank you :love: Noob-ishly, I didn’t put the info.txt in the Root folder, but in the gamemode folder.