Can't run Rust but really want to play.

I have this REALLY crappy laptop from up to probably 3-5 years old. I just bought Rust with a friend on steam and it’s SOOOOOOOOOO laggy. I did the grass.on false thing and even lowered all the render quality, are there any other things can I do to fix this, so that I didn’t waste my money? I don’t care about graphics or anything.

My laptop specs:

I also open up the F1 menu and it spams this error code:

>RenderTexture.Create failed:format unsupported.

(there might not be spaces but they look like they)

buy a new computer

Dude, the problem is that you have a Laptop. It may be a gaming laptop, but 99% of the time your run of the mill mid-high spec desktop blows gaming laptops of of the water. Seriously, just save up and buy a desktop, it’s completely worth it.

Not a million year. Read the minimum and recommended requirements of Rust on its Steam page: