Can't run rust.

I can run most games like BF3 , DayZ , LoL , Arma 3, Etc.
Just can’t run Rust.

CPU : AMD FX™-4130 Quad-Core Processor
CPU Speed : 3.8 GHz Performance Rated at: 8.36 GHz
Ram : 8.2 GB
Video Card : GeForce GT 620

I even went on Can You Run It? And got this.

Could you please elabroate why you can’t run Rust?

Do you have trouble launching it? Can’t connect to server? Lagging while playing?

I just have to say that I love how LoL was one of them comparisons to Rust, it’s a lot better optimized and on min graphics would probably use less than Rust


Low fps?

f1 > Type “grass.on false”
^ Does that help?

Lag or low fps?

Low Fps

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What Graphic Quality should I put the game on?

put it on fastest, go into the options, move the render quality to 20-30%, press f1 to open console, write grass.on false
Then see if you have any improvement

**Use fraps to check fps (free download)

grass.on false

If you get input delay (first move mouse then some time later the character looks to the side) then change the number of pre-rendered frames to 1 in your nvidia control panel.

Probably just picked a bad time to start playing rust (while all servers are being attacked and everyone is having problems).
Very soon the servers should be updated and running smoothly.

hope so… :fingerscrossed: or :suicide:


I had poor fps yesterday but this guy named Tinkotin, told me how to get better fps. The “real” one that you should get.

When you launch the game, go and find a server. Join in that server and when you are in press f1 and take the ip down. Shutdown the game and press f1 immediately. DO NOT open the server list. After pressing f1, type net.connect(ip here)
and press enter to join in the server. Obviously there is something wrong with the server list finder.

Example: net.connect