Can't run Rust!

Hey guys

My buddy cant run Rust at the moment, it has a fucking long time to start up and is lagging as hell once he’s ingame. His computerspecs are:

Windows 7
Intel Quad Core Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

Now we know that this arent the best specs, but is it absolutely impossible to run Rust with it?

Next steps we are doing: Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Buy another 4GB RAM to upgrade to 8GB. If that doesn’t work, buy a new CPU.

So, what would you suggest? Is it because of the hardware, or is there another problem? We can’t upgrade the graphiccard, limit is max 180$. We really need some help! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

4GB is below industry standard, I would for sure start there

Do you think that’ll solve the problem? I’m a bit scared that the graphiccard is too low, and that would be too expensive to replace, I think.

that gpu is 7years old i think, so replacing that would be a good start and the cpu isnt the best either

all depends how much you want to invest. might be better to start fresh than to upgrade that machine.

what knifey said, because you may also need a new mobo

Well, these are some bad news for us. I guess we’re gonna try it with more RAM, if it works, fine, if not weve spent not that much for a try since RAM isnt that expensive.

Thanks guys, wish us luck :v:

There’s a ton of GFX cards on the market that give triple or maybe more the performance of that old 9800 thing for like 20 euro’s

Since you are budget bound, it might be worth it to look at used cards on ebay or something. Bitcoin miners (along with other people) are constantly selling their old cards as soon as a newer one comes out. I got a Gigabyte 280x for $150, and that seemed pretty standard a couple months ago, I bet it would be even less now. And you could get a 960 or 270 for less too, and those would run Rust a lot better than what you have now.

While 4gb is less than what people recommend now, you should still be able to play with it. Although now that I think about it the speed of it might be old now… is it 1600 or lower than that?

Like others have said, you may be out of luck and need a new mobo if you want to upgrade to anything current, and that would suck. I wouldn’t want to buy a mobo used, but that’s just me.

Your entire computer is 7-8 years old. Your CPU was released eight years ago. More RAM is putting a fresh coat of paint on the dinosaur.

A new computer would be much more effective use of your money than trying to upgrade parts on this machine.

What he said…

That computer is ancient by current standards. Even as new it wasn’t exactly a high performer. Adequate, yes. But that’s it. You need a new computer all around. Attempting to upgrade what you have is basically just throwing your money away. However, if you MUST upgrade, RAM and a video card would be the 2 things to do. 8 GB is pretty much the baseline now for running anything, and that video card is ancient. You need something newer. Although seriously, just save your money and get a new computer.

BTW, if anything, upgrading to Win 8.1 will likely decrease overall performance slightly as Win 8 requires more system resources to run than Win 7. And the OS has absolutely no bearing on your ability to play Rust or any other game.

gpu is weak, and i tried running rust on 4gigs and loading times were awfull and once it loaded it was 2fps for a minute or two, alt tab to see ram usage and it was on max, even on 8 gigs it uses 6-7 so the game alone uses over 4 gigs, so for your system and rust to run 4 gigs is not enough, that cpu is old now but it should play the game, gpu however will struggle

I have that CPU with 8GB RAM and a GTX 560 Ti - I can run Rust but I do have to turn down all the graphics options.

Allright guys, you took our last hopes. :wink:

How about buying a mobo with cpu and gpu over ebay, we dont need anything else, do we? If so we can keep the tower, buy 4 more GB of RAM and thats it? We really cant afford a whole new machine.

Otherwise, we’re gonna start a kickstarter :v:

Make sure your motherboard and RAM are compatible if you intend on reusing your old, slow, DDR2 RAM. (DDR2 RAM does not fit into DDR3 slots, and if the motherboard doesn’t have DDR3 ram slots, it’d better be cheap because it’s old enough to go to school.)

Use ebay for computer parts at your own risk.

Other than the RAM issue elixwhitetail mentioned the only other issue I can think of is the PSU. It may or may not have the power needed to run your new GPU, a detail worth checking when working out the cost V benefits calculations.