cant save anything ( in the options menu )

When i go into Garrys mod ( start it. ) and open options tab
and go to what ever tab in there lets say volume and then click save this error comes up in console

exec: couldn’t exec userconfig.cfg
Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/config.cfg

it wont save it

thats with everything ! :frowning: Also sprays video controls etc ! help please :frowning:

Haven’t you said in your previous topic you didn’t have one? that could be it

well userconfig no 1 got 1

but i got config :stuck_out_tongue:

its still not fixed and realy anoying can any 1 help ?

“sum1” might help if your posts were more readable. Try reading a book, preferably a dictionary.

im from holland and not that good at english and only 13 years old :stuck_out_tongue: so sorry for my bad english

  • again

do you have any custom startup values?

nop :frowning:

Is userconfig read only?

(Im going to say the same to him in dutch)

Is de userconfig ingesteld op alleen lezen? Rechtermuisknop erop > eigenschappen > alleen lezen uitvinken.

i dont even can find an ‘‘userconfig’’ file in mine cfg directory of steamapps garrys mod garrysmod :S

  • same in dutch

ik kan niet eens die file userconfig vinden in de map cfg :stuck_out_tongue: enig idee waar ie kan zijn O_O