Can't Save My Game!

I was building the set for a machinima I was going to do, but when I went to save it, Gmod wouldn’t let me! I was not able to save the hour of work I did on a map! I only tried this on gm_bigcity so far, but can I get some help here?

I’m not very sure about saving but you could use the smart weld tool then advanced dupe them and when you get back just select the box “paste in same location” in the advanced dupe tool.

I have both actually. No one else has this problem?

I do too. There’s not really anything you can do about it though. Adv. Dupe is your friend for scene builds.

What do you mean, it wont let you save? What does it do when you try? I agree with AJC, adv duplicator is your friend in this situation. adv_duplicator gives you many advantages over saves, the best of which is the fact that you can use your creation across any map.

My Gmod wasnt saving too but after a couple of days of using it again it suddently worked :v:
Dunno what could have caused that.

Get the SVN version of Adv Duplicator. It is included in Wiremod.
SVN Tutorial:

To the OP: Save games have never worked correctly in GMod, and garry isn’t fixing them. Instead, just use Adv Duplicator. It’s even better than save games because it lets you copy your stuff to other servers, as well as spawn them anywhere on any map.