Can't see any other players/zombies/animals or player structures

I looked around a bit to try and find the same issue but I found nothing, so I figured I’d make a new thread. Sorry if this was unnecessary or annoying, but I didn’t see this anywhere else.

Anyways, as the title would suggest, every time I connect, I can not see any other player structures, players, zombies, or animals. Everything else works fine. However, I will trotting around minding my own business, when I start getting attacked by an invisible wolf (or what I believe to be and invisible wolf) and there is nothing I can do about it. This was not happening before today. I do not know what caused it or whatever the case may be, and I could not find anything about this searching around. Sorry if this is a common problem and I’m needlessly posting. Thanks in advance.

Looks like you are

  1. lost - If you have no valuable loot, press F1 and type ‘suicide’. This will spawn you back in the main field.
  2. dieing of starvation - Kill and ‘skin’ an animal and cook the meat.