Can't see any servers in the list.

When I go to “play multiplayer”, only one server is showing up, even though there are no filters. And the one server that is there is on an “older protocol than your [my] client”. I recently installed Wiremod, PHX3, DarkRP and Spacebuild using TortoiseSVN, and at the same time I verified that I had bought the game on which was successful.


this happens to me sometimes, mainly in TF2, just make sure there are exceptions for absolutely every single port and application that steam runs (there are more than one, not just steam.exe) in both your firewall and router, should, hopefully go away.

I already have port exceptions for steam, but my router doesn’t have an option for fully allowing Steam to use any port, all of the other games are working fine.

Although there are now two servers in the list, one now gives the error “server uses different class tables” :frown:.

is one of them a listen server, and another named “”?
because i’m having the same problem


Having the same problem.
Searching for any other game works completely, but when I select Garry’s Mod, I only get 5 servers.

Using the Beta UI
Steam is allowed past firewall / router (Never had problems before)
Windows 7 64-bit

I have same too!

I have only hltv servers!

Same issue:
Beta UI
Steam allowed past firewall
Windows 7 32-bit


Was working fine yesterday

Do you think it’s the Steam Beta causing the issue? I’m at my mums this week so I can’t check.

Same here.

Its working for me now, all I did was restart my computer.

Ive reset almost everything, from reinstalling, to patching, to deleting the .blob files in my dir., nothings working

Also using the beta, Windows 7 32-bit and mine has been this way since yesterday.

Could it have something to do with the fact I used SVN?