Can't see any servers when I launch rust experimental!

The title says it all. For some reason I can’t see any servers when I launch Rust Experimental, but when I launch the original rust I could see all the servers, no problem. I’ve tried disabling my firewall, re-installing the game, excluding the process in my anti-virus. I can’t seem to figure out this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

i have the same problem with rust experimental, i start the game an i don´t see any server.
But my friend play of one and i can see the server about the friend list but cant join

Would you be using Bitdefender anti-virus?

jeah avira anti virus

Since today I have the same problem. Though I never had that problem. Windows Defender is activated.

Same problem here. BitDefender Free Edition.

Servers are being updated after a game update an hour or two ago - give them time and they’ll be back online. This happens every once in a while.

It seems the latest server update has broken the servers from actually starting up correctly. my private will not start up, getting Error “EntryPointNotFoundException: snoise2”. might have something to do with it. :frowning:

Let the server run a bit longer, mine took about a minute before it was done loading, although it did not show up in the server browser.

Is there a server list I can find online and use the client command to connect?

server still messed up after another update. it will finally run, but it has 0 entities in world. seems to be a blank world and its does not talk to steam as well. still broke for me after the latest update. ill wait for the next one.

In the same boat as you crawfishdaddy. Looks like all update servers are experiencing this atm. If you ran the most recent client update you won’t see any servers because there are no compatible servers able to start.

Thanks for the info, Just got rust and I’m glad to hear it isn’t on my end.

Rusty wont even connect on my server

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Cannot see any servers either. Previously joined servers in the history tab do not work either.