Can't see any servers when I launch rust experimental!

The title says it all. For some reason I can’t see any servers when I launch Rust Experimental, but when I launch the original rust I could see all the servers, no problem. I’ve tried disabling my firewall, re-installing the game, excluding the process in my anti-virus. I can’t seem to figure out this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

first make sure EAC is running in services and then run it as admin in SteamApps/common/Rust/Experimental/RustClient.exe

What anti-virus or firewall are you using?

I’m having the same issue. I checked for the EAC service and it’s stopped. When I Start it I get the following message:

Have tried restarting Steam/my PC.

Some additional info in case it helps:
Running Windows 8
Installed the game yesterday, everything working fine.
Restarted today (steam client and win os updates), no servers showing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, had a blast playing and would like to see if my house survived the night!

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Of course three minutes after I post this it’s working fine. ** For anyone who is having this issue try starting the EasyAntiCheat service as suggested.** That and a few restarts of the game worked for me. Or it was just a temporary network issue…either way, it’s working, and I’m off!

Go into windows services, find Anticheat, go to properties and set start up to automatic

Good to hear it works now :slight_smile:

@UKRust, the EAC service only runs when the game is running. Starting it manually does not make a difference.

I made the .exe run as an admin and the EAC is running. I still can’t see any servers…

Edit: There’s like a 99% chance now that the service fails to start for Rust. It won’t stay on without a process to attach to, like Rustclient.exe
Regardless of it being set to automatic or not, it still gives the same error pictured a few posts above this one.