Cant see anything

Well i play for 15-30 mins then it looks like it minimizes gmod then i can hear and still control my person but i cant see. and its not actually minimizing it either.


Same happens to me , Garrys mod keeps running but theres a black rectangle in the top left corner this randomly happens to me when i play 30+ minutes and get lots of lag.

Thats exatly what happens to me mango. But Mipje, there isnt anything to show, all it shows is desktop and rectangle in left top

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Also doesnt happen on any other games. But i think it might be DX crashing because i have a gtx 280 DX11 isnt supported. Would that be it?

Gmod doesn’t even use dx10, so it using dx11 is totally out of the question. Make sure you try disabling all your workshop addons, and moving your legacy addons, and try it again

Ok, im testing that, tell yall how it goes.

Its still crashing.

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It says my drivers crash, any fix?

Update your drivers


Your graphics card is probably overheating and causing it to crash, used to happen to me all the time till I got a better cooling system. If you have beta drivers, I would advise against those, install the recommended build. Make sure your DX and net frameworks are up to date, and make sure you aren’t running any features that your card can’t handle (super AA, ASOF, etc). Also, try turning off “Enable Multi-Core Rendering” or whatever in your options.

Well, Mine isnt overheating, I have tried with fan at 100%. Drivers up to date. Running DX10. Net Frmwk up to date, not running any features my card cant handle. I run it at about 40-80 FPS so no drops in fps before it quits, I did a bit of research though found that this is very common in GMod, so I guess ill just live with it.

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Thank you all for your help, Im just gonna live with it, once again thanks and have a nice day.