Cant see fence on maps.

When im walking or driving a car i can crash in to a invisable fence. So i told my friend do you see anything because i don’t. Then he is like yeah its a fence i tried validating my files and it scanned and found 200 items that is missing. But then the error is still there can anyone help me?

Can you give more info? Map name? Console errors? Addons?

Any map with fence is invisable

All addons are fine. I dident install any addons in the past week so nothing could be breaking.

go on a map where you don’t see the fence and type in the console mat_wireframe 1 if you see the wirframe of the fence with no textures the .vtf,.vmt of the materials could be at fault if you don’t see the wireframe then maybe its your dx level for the game and try typing in the console mat_dxlevel 98 or 101 for dierectx 10

98 is unrefined and 101 doesn’t exist. The highest stable DXLevel is 95.

ah ok i thought because Black mesa supports it garrysmod engine might have updated to support it too

Server has to be sv_cheats 1

there client side commands runs a listen server i.e type map mapname in console to load it