Can't see fire, flashlight/lamp beams

Ever since the 13 update, I can’t see fire or flashlight or lamp beams. When I activate my flashlight I get a couple FPS-worth of lag and I hear the flashlight sound, but no flashlight. I can hear the sound of fire, too.
Any ideas?

I’m guessing it could be fixed with some console commands, but I’ve never messed with the flashlight/fire render convars extensively, and last time I did I crashed.

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Oddly enough, while hosting a listen server I can see blood fine, but not while playing single player.
It would be nice if someone could explain this, because I’m stumped.

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Originally I thought this was a problem with my graphics card/computer/game but now I’m pretty sure it’s a GM problem ( Still need help with the flashlight thing, though.

…No one else is having this problem, srsly?

I have this problem.

…And no solutions.

hello sorry for old thread but was you able to sort out the problem? Even my flashlight is causing similar problems so can you help me out? Waiting for reply… Thanks in advance:)

Have you reinstalled your GMod 13 since it came out? You may have some buggy GMod 12 files.

Goto the garrysmod/garrysmod directory and DELETE the PARTICLES folder.

Restart gmod and you are good to go.(this fixed it for me)

For the flash light, delete the MATERIALS folder.

And make sure to verify after you delete those folders.

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Okay, what are you and what have you done with FP.

Anyway, It would help if I had any flashlight materials/any particles at all.
Come on, the first thing people try (or are instructed to try) is “delete everything and verify cache”.


Not reinstalled, but I have purged the garrysmod folder on multiple occasions. I also keep close tabs on the contents of said folder.