Can't see fire


I recently encountered a problem with my Garrysmod which is that I can not see fire at all. I first noticed it on TTT when someone threw an incendiary grenade and I walked over it without even noticing it and them laughing at me over and over.

Anyways, I tried setting the launch options to dxlevel 9 and 10 as I read some other threads that recommended that as an option which helped some people but did not for me.
I also verified the game cache of my games which also did not help.

Do you guys have any suggestions on fixing this?

You should try reinstalling the CCS textures for gmods?

I’m not exactly sure, but thats my guess


delete particles folder

edit: didnt see the “late” but ya I had the issue op had and deleting garrymod particles folder fixed it

Look at the date

So you are stalking me…

No, you just bumped an old thread is all.