Can't see gmod servers

Okay, I would like some help with this. When I launch Garry’s Mod and go into the multiplayer server list, I can’t see anything. All the servers are invisible for me. In both internet and the History section.

This is what I’ve already tried:
Re-installing Garry’s Mod
Verifying the game cache
Creating a backup
And making sure it was allowed past my firewall.

If you could help me, It would be great and I would appreciate it.

When you mean “Firewall” do you mean your Computers or your Routers?

Routers. I went into the controll panel and checked it.

Anyone gonna help? Please?

Let Garry’s Mod past any firewall that you have set up on your computer.

I believe I have let gmod past any firewalls set up on my laptop, but the server list still is completely blank, and legacy browser doesn’t work either, anything else?