Can't see grid...

Well I got win7 and a theme that I suppose made the grid invisible. See here,

Any quick fix to this?

Source SDK update broke it.

Oh my. Lol.

Oh Valve…

Working for me…on XP. Maybe try changing your theme back to the the default Windows 7 and see if that works?

The most recent version of the Source SDK hammer as an instancing tab.

Is it just me or is that ‘manifest’ thing on the right new?

manifest is new as well, and theres a ‘sculpt’ tool for displacements…
as for the missing grid, its only missing for me on all orange box games apart from TF2…
also, any one noticed that it now puts all the orange box games under ep1 engine aswell?

for me it didn’t

I’m not trolling, that was a screenshot I took yesterday, smart one.

Hey smart one. You were using the ep1 engine. Orangebox engine got fucked up with an update, not the ep1.

I’m going to go check my Orange Box then.

Just use this for the time being:

Works fine here. Start Source SDK, overwrite binaries, start Hammer, shit works.