Can't see hands/ Gravity gun crashes game

A friend of mine was having trouble with a DarkRP server we play on( The Purge ). He is unable to see his hands and gets this error

lua/weapons/weapon_fists.lua:207: Tried to use a NULL entity!  1. LookupSequence - [C]:-1   2. unknown - lua/weap

Also his game crashes every time he pulls out his gravity gun. He has been spamming it on the server and I thought i might help him. I looked it up but I haven’t found anything about it.

Please help

Did he replace his fists model/modify any code?

no he did not, but after the update most of the new players that joined the server had the same problem, people say they need to download something but i haven’t found anything

Sounds like the server modified the fists themselves since I haven’t seen the error on any other server

I saw this error on alot of server, Its not the fists which are bugging.
All weapons are invisible and if you switch to gravgun the game crashs.
It happens on alot of servers.

It’s their servers. No issues here on TTT or sandbox.

well does anybody know a fix

this is due to renewal?
every 5 Player complains this problem (mod darkrp)

This is no fix? :pwn:

I hope someone can help…

Personally keep it and change your physgun colour to yellow :v:

Exploderguy, thx for help -.-

P.S i delete M9K Specialties, there is no longer a problem