Can't see main menu after loading PLZ HELP!

Hi, my problem is in gmod, after launchin the game, i get the loading part but after it finishes loading, the whole screen goes black, so i can’t see anything exept my cursor. i can hear the sounds when i roll my cuesor over the selections like Play single player and Play Multi player or w/e but i can’t see anything.
Plz help! thanks.

pics or it didn’t happen, no srsly, screenshots.

ok here, when i launch:

and loading screen:

and after loading:



The same thing happens to me but I can see the picture. I am reinstalling as we speak and i’ll tell you if it works. By the way what resolution are you running it on.

Maybe something to do with you running it in a window? Is the game freezing up and not responding?

I heard somewhere that if your ping is usually too high or something, you might not be able to render the main menu. Just a thought, I s’pose.

well maybe, but the menu still doesnt render in fullscreen mode, it will finish reinstalling in about 10 mins (its on 95%), i wont change anything or put in any addons and i will tell you what happens to me


the game runs fine and if i’m lucky I can start a single player game and even then the “q” menu doesnt show up when i press “q”.And if i click randomly it will spawn a prop or two

'Kay. I also just had another thought, if it takes 10 Minutes to download 5%, maybe you have too much stuff on your computer, and GMod doesn’t have enough RAM left to run…

gmod has enough ram left, i have a program which tells me how much free RAM i have and it is always at about 250, and i have an average download sped of 90 kb/s (Im on wireless)


i will post screenies if i can of what happens.

'Kay, I’ll be waiting… Though I might fall asleep… :F

hehe its on 99%, give me about 10 mins for takin screenies and loading times

If it still shows a black screen, maybe close all the windows? Restart your computer? D:

ok i dont know how to put in screenshots, im new to this forum.

Just put an Image URL into an

[/IMG] Tag. Like this;

[IMG]Image URL

oh ok, do i have to upload the images to somethin like photobucket? or the document location on my pc

Yes, Photobucket. Or Imageshack… Something like that.

here is the main menu


sorry if its too small

It’s okay… Well, at least you can see the menu… Try rolling over the options, does it make the sound?

yeah it makes the sound

Hm… Try clicking. If the game works, that’s a plus.