Can't see my dedicated server in the listens server

Hey guys, i have a problem with my gmod dedicated server. I can’t see it in the master servers section but i can add it in my favorites and my friends can join it to! It is normal if i can’t see it in the listens servers section? I always turn off my firewall when i start my server and i forwarded all the ports of hl2 steam servers and the ports of counter-strike in I also set the sv_region to 255. I need help plz.

There is no listen server section. :confused:

Type “heartbeat” in console without quotation marks then check the server list again

i mean masters servers section or what ever xD

YOU are not suppost to see it. If other people can, its fine.

Well i told soms of my friends to searsh my server in the internet list and they could’nt find it. Btw i just tryed heartbeat and it did nothing :(. Thanks for your quick reply whosdr. Help plz

Ask them to connect via console.
connect IP:PORT

Yeah i did a long time ago and it work pretty well but i want to host a public server, not a private server for friends only :|. 1 day i played with my friends we was like 5 and no players joined! I played with my friends for like 1:30 hour! I think thats not normal.

anyone? Help plz