Can't see my own hands since the last update [Zombie Survival]

Since the last update I cant see my own hands (no one can see their own hands) in the gamemode called Zombie Survival ! Is there a way to fix this on my server or will Facepunch launch an update to fix it?

Facepunch cannot launch an update. It is the developers fault. If you want us to help PLEASE provide more info like errors!!!

I dont get Errors, the hands seem not to be in the right place as you can see here

That is probably because of a serverside problem. Have you mounted CS:S correctly?

Yes i have :frowning: cause when i switch to prop hunt everything is ok

that error CAN be reproduce if you are setting an quite long NWString on the Player.

Tbh the best thing is to wait until the next hotfix is out. vihn will fix it.