Can't see my own nickname/SteamID or anyone's else

Hey, In-game I can’t see anyone’s nickname or SteamID in ulx menu and HUD and the only way I can see there nickname/SteamID is if I go into the console and look there. Can someone please help me I can figure it out.


You’re not making much sense, explain in detail whats happening.

When I join any server or play Single Player when I press TAB to see the scoreboard it just shows the team color and job and no nickname or SteamID in DarkRp. When I play sandbox the scoreboard just has the color of the person and its missing there nickname or SteamID. I’ve installed a new scoreboard and it does the same thing (no nickname or SteamID).

Is it the ULX scoreboard? Was it downloaded from the server? Try deleting your dua folder, and go into your lua folder and delete anything that has to do with scoreboards.

Ok, I deleted everything that has to do with scoreboard in the lua files and I still can’t see names. Oh and I think it has to do with DarkRp like I can’t see my job or wallet in the bottom left of the screen. But I’ve install older versions of it and it still has the same problems. Oh and I can’t see peoples names in the ULX menu and scoreboard and I did what you told me and still doesn’t work.

Never mind I found the problem and its solved!