Can't See Official AUS Servers?

Hey guys I have had this problem for awhile and have re-installed this game countless times on 2 different pc’s. I am just not able to see the official Australian servers all I can see is the US and the UK servers and it really annoys me because of how much I lag on them. I have a friend and he also plays but he can see them all when I can’t see a single one!
This is really getting on my nerves because I searched it and then BAM! nothing

It would be Great if someone could tell me how to fix this thanks
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Have you tried connecting to it using the net.connect?

What is the ip for the official Australian server ?

If you could tell me a AUS servers ip it would be greatful =D

Get your friend to connect to one, then press F1 and tell you the last “net.connect” line in his console. You can then type that line manually into your own F1 console at the server selection screen, and connect directly that way. After 1-2 connects/disconnects it should be listed in your history from then on.