Can't see people's names when I look at them in multiplayer?

I was playing in a DarkRP server and I noticed whenever I looked at a person, the name/health/job didn’t show up on top of them. Not sure if this also happens on Sandbox, but it probably does the same thing This is not the server’s config for sure, because I asked people if they had this problem and they didn’t.

I’ve googled this issue and found out it was a problem from an update… from the past year. I searched on Facepunch too and didn’t find anything.

This never happened before. Can anyone help me out?


Has this happened with multiple servers?

Yes, it happened with another DarkRP server too.

All DarkRP servers? or just those two? Make sure you check if it happens in Sandbox as well.

The problem strangely fixed itself. Don’t ask how, I really don’t know.

Darkrp has an option to disable this. Its not a function built into gmod, sandbox has it programmed in as a lua, and so does any fretta-based game. Darkrp also has its own flavor of this feature.