Can't see server, can't see friends

Hi All - Pardon me if this is a dumb request, but I could use a little help.

Been playing Rust for the past few days. Spent most of the time in one server. Been playing with a buddy.

This morning, all was well. Logged out around noon EST. Logged back in around 6PM EST and I could no longer see the server we use in the history section of the startup menu.

My buddy logged in and he COULD see it and entered the server. I could not see him in the friends section during this time, but he could see me.

When he logged out and logged back in, he lost the ability to see the server and me.

Just wanna get back into it but don’t know what to do at this point…Have tried updating Steam and have restarted the game and steam several times. Any help would be appreciated!


It’s possible that the server you are playing on has not updated to the latest version of the game. After the patch today, the server owner needs to run the steam update on their server for it to show up to everyone who has patched their game.

My guess is that you were playing this morning before the patch, and when you logged off and restarted the game your game client updated to the latest version. Meanwhile, your buddy was still on the older version of the game and was still able to play.

Once your buddy re-logged his game client also updated, now making it so neither of you can see the server until the server owner manually patches his server.

Just a guess…

First try to restart your computer, then make sure your internet is in good shape as it does affect the amount of servers popping up due to high/low ping. If its all good try to refresh the rust server page (try refreshing the friends page too.) If this doesn’t work i don’t know what will. I guess you can try to go on with another computer if possible, otherwise just wait until it works. Sometimes its a glitch. Please tell me if these work or not because it would make me happy if it did ;). Good luck!

Tried all that … Can see my buddy now but the server is still MIA … Thanks!