Can't see text in any Garry's Mod server.

So, I’m having an issue when joining servers in Gmod. For example: When I join a cinema server, I can’t see “Request a video”. All I see are the boxes that the text is supposed to be in, so I have no idea what I’m clicking. And when I hit tab in any server I’m in, I don’t see player names. All I see is profile pictures. What is this issue? How can I fix it?

Things I’ve tried: Verify integrity of game cache (Multiple times), Restarting Steam, Deleting all traces of Gmod then reinstalling (This solution worked for a day, then the issue came back).

Here’s an image from a TTT server I joined. You can’t see any of the players’ names.

Also, in prop hunt servers, I can’t see who I’m spectating, and I can’t see how much health I have left cause it won’t display the number. Any ideas?

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