Can't see VCMod ELS lights, or Perma Properties control panel

I cant see any emergency lights, or perma properties unless someone is looking at them. The person that has to look at them doesnt stay the same. It has been happening for about 4 days now.

Why not get support from the authors of the scripts?

To be 100% fair, I’ve had a problem pretty similar to this and after several attempts to contact him, there’s been simply no reply via Steam or support ticket. All I got was the fact that he was “looking into it” and heard nothing else.

Hey, why not leave a ticket on ScriptFodder about these issues?

I’ve been abit over swamped with issues and features I am working no, I already sink all my free time into the addon. But cant get enough done.

Please contact me through steam about issues like these, not on an unrelated forum.

The problem was resolved. The server had an option to spectate people in the TAB menu. When I was spectating them, the person I was spectating had to look at the car for me to see the lights.