Can't see who put down a spray

On my server i can’t see who put down a spay. Like the Orange text that shows the spay owner and steamid. if someone could direct me to the file where that is defined or a fix that would be great.
Its a ttt if thats needed

Its not a default gmod/ttt feature, its an addon.

that would hide it?

i don’t know what you don’t understand about that, but it is not a default gmod feature for you to be able to see who sprays something, you need to download an addon that does so.

oh i see, do you know the addon name?

Search it for tf2, maybe it works too on garrysmod, but it’s not even related with gmod at all

Thanks for the help.

whenever you start up garrys mod and load in a server, you’ll need to go to your console and type in;

r_decals 1

This does not display who put down a spray when looking at it.

SprayMon is one of them.