Can't seem to find the problem with my bones in Blender

I can’t get Automatic Weights to work for my model. Can anyone help me?

This is a really huge pain in the ass.

Here’s the BLEND file:!kccRxYCb

Well I would like to help but it requires a decryption key.

Also, you might want to put this in the modelling section, not the developer discussions. You’ll probably get better help.

Here’s an Updated model:!1VdUFAiQ!iENTDr7yKIRg2Sc4E9j4XV-wnTULFFhXv8ibkJOMUuw

Still can’t.

Select the mesh first then shift-select the armature then CTRL+P to bring up the parenting options then select “Armature Deform” -> “With Automatic Weights”

Yep, that’s the problem. Blender said “1 or more bones”

When you are rigging, the mesh essentially belongs to an armature. You cant parent a specific part of a mesh to a bone, instead you use weights to designate which parts of the mesh are affected by which bones and by how much. You can use vertex groups that share the same name as the bones.

That what I was talking about, “Failed to find solution to 1 or more bones”

You never mentioned any of this in the OP or at all actually. If you wont state your problems properly how is anyone supposed to help? I’d suggest doing what MelonShooter said and post this in the modelling section.

I guess this is my fault, lol. But I did post one in the Modelling Section.