Can't seem to hex the Thumper model from Half-Life 2

Hey guys.

I’m working on a map at this moment and I’m trying to get the Thumper from Half-Life 2 with a different texture in it. Ofcourse I want to hex the model but no matter what I attempt to do, nothing is working.

The model itself is fine, it’s just the texture that never seems to work for me unless I keep the texture path set to the Old Path.

And this is the result I get every single time, no matter what path I set.

If anyone could help me out, it will be much appreciated.

Where are you pointing the $cdmaterials QC variable to? If it’s pointing to the right place, check your .vmts :zoid:

Sorry for the stupid question, but where do I find this variable?

That is a QC command. Since the model is being hexed rather than decompiled, you don’t need to worry about it. Do note that when changing the path, the amount of characters in the path needs to remain the same. Other than that, don’t forget to copy the new materials and textures over to the new path and be sure to fix the VMT files to make sure you changed them to use the new path as well.